09 October 2006

Thai Goodness at Oody's Express

When you are left to fend for yourself, you have to be creative sometimes. Either that, or you take whatever's thrown at you and make the best of it.

We found ourselves in the latter situation one night as Harry and I looked for a place to have our dinner. Since we were in Glorietta, we decided to go to one of our favorite places, Tokyo Tokyo (rice all you can!).

We didn't realize it was already late, and many of the menu items were either unavailable already, or it will take 15 minutes to prepare. For hungry folks, 15 minutes is an eternity.

I don't know why, but we have been avoiding the food shop right next to Tokyo Tokyo. That's Oody's Express. But looking like we no longer have enough calories to search for another place, we soon found ourselves being seated by the waiter and handed their menu selection.
\Oooh. Thai food. Didn't they popularize the bagoong rice? Hmmm... we tried to be more "adventurous" and ordered for other items on the menu. Harry chose spicy pork and I chose chicken, both rice toppings. My memory eludes me right now on what the names were. So let's see the photos instead, shall we?
The bowl at right was mine. Some green mangoes were on the side, along with chopped pepper. Wow. I'm not much of a spice person so I mixed just a little bit of the pepper and all of the green mango strips into the rice.

We also ordered chicken satay with cucumber dip. And a dish of cucumbers.
Amazingly, we found Oody's Express a welcome change from our usual dinners. The cucumber was sweet and crunchy. The satay and dip blended well. And as for our rice toppings, it was grrreat! I soon found myself mixing in all the chopped pepper into my rice because it was not so spicy after all.

Even our drinks were out of the ordinary. Harry ordered the Thai iced tea. While I cannot quite place how the tea tasted, I loved my lemon grass tea. We got quite confused whether this was the same as the pandan leaf, then the waiter informed us that it was called "tanglad" in Filipino. We still didn't get it. Harharhar. But I knew I found another drink I'd love to have again.

Damage: 350 pesos for two.

Try Oody's Express at Glorietta for a different and satisfying food adventure and I'm sure your plate will also end up like this:
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