20 October 2006

Advanced Christmas greeting

The spirit of Christmas arrived early in our office today. My share of postal mail contained a Christmas card from a fellow blogger and friend. Even though we have not seen each other personally, he thoughtfully sent me a card with greetings to Jo-Lo as well. My first Christmas greeting for 2006. I'm so happy!
Merry Christmas to you and your family, Tito Rome! Merry Christmas to my blog visitors as well! Happy weekend!


  1. Anonymous5:19 am

    Hi Watson. Thanks for visiting my blog. Thank you for sharing your personal story about Santa. I'm sure it broke your mom's heart when she couldn't give you that Lego. I'm certain she made it up to you in more ways than one.

    Christmas is really in the air. It's always nice to receive Christmas cards via snail mail in this age of electronic cards.


  2. I just bought some stamps for my Christmas Cards yesterday hahaha i want to start early at baka mauna pa ako sa papuntang Manila kaysa mga cards hehehe

    Maligayang pasko sa iyo at sa pamilya mo lalong lalo na kay Jo-Lo.

  3. Anonymous1:42 pm

    Wow! Advance christmas post nga ito.

    Iba pa rin yung xmas cards received from mail di ba?

  4. Merry Christmas to you and to your family, Nick. Ang lamig na naman nyan sa Baguio.

  5. slowly the temperature drops... ginaw ginaw na dito...

  6. This post only confirms what I wrote last week that Christmas comes Waaaay too early in the Philippines. Bah-humbug. Oh, and Merry Christmas Wat!

  7. This reminds me... I promised I'll do my christmas shopping early to avoid the rush... I'm excited and extremely depressed at the same time... Pasko na talaga. hehehe

  8. Anonymous1:50 am

    Definitely an early Christmas greeting.

    which reminds me, gotta get mine done early this year too.

  9. Anonymous5:32 pm

    Wow, that's early. This reminds me that I should start writing my Christmas cards now. I also send them by snail mail to my family and friends abroad.

  10. Merry Christmas to you and to your family.

  11. Anonymous2:22 am

    i miss receiving cards (christmas card, birthday card, etc etc), simula nauso email at ecards, matamlay na dating ng mga snailmail cards.

  12. Rach: hello! Yes, it is indeed nice to still receive cards the snail mail way.

    Balikbayan box: Merry Christmas and have a safe trip!

    Ann: Oo nga eh. Iba pa rin talaga yung bubuksan mo yung envelope at babasahin mo yung nakasulat!

    Abaniko: Thanks! Yep, malamig na nga.

    Mama Jenn: Galing ako dun this weekend. 14C na nga raw. Mid-afternoon pa lang, Malamig na!

    Ellygears: Pasko na!

    Phil: Merry Christmas too!

    Alternati: mixed emotions ito? hehehe

    Leah: Kami rin, we want to shop early to avoid the rush.

    Niceheart: that's still the best way to say "I thought of you and took great lengths to post a card for you!"

    Mmy Lei: Salamat!

    Cruise: korek ka dyan. Ang saya ngang maka-receive ng cards! Syempre, gifts na rin. hehehe


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