13 October 2006

A golfer's paradise

About a month ago, we went out on a road trip that took us to golf courses south of Manila. Nope, we weren't there to play golf. We were the occular inspection team for our company's business planning venue on November. A considerable number of our management team plays golf, so it pretty much dictated the choice of venue for the planning. Plus, we also had to check out other sporting activities that can be had in the area such as badminton, tennis, bowling, and such for the others.

Going to these places made me realize just how dedicated golfers are with their game. With vast expanse of land spared at no expense to create the perfect course. I am also being encouraged to try this game out but I really cannot see myself playing golf.

They say that golf is not an expensive sport. But what about memberships to country clubs, purchase of golf clubs, and everytime you play, you pay for the green fee, caddy fee, golf cart fee, and you need to be properly attired for the sport of course. And these pristine golf courses! They aren't there for free, that's one thing for sure.

I enjoyed our trip, though, because of the nice scenery, the opportunity to step into clubhouses, and the team imagining that this were ours and our maids were out in the greens driving golf carts and playing during their free time. Hahaha!

Choose your golfer's paradise!

Tagaytay Highlands in Tagaytay (duh)
Offers a magnificent view of the Taal lake and Volcano. Photo below is the clubhouse. Area in front is where actress Claudine Barredo had her wedding.
I like their sunken living room . It faces a roundish fireplace. Very cozy. There's Pauline taking a breather with me.Malarayat Golf and Country Club in Lipa, Batangas
I like their lofts with a view. I've always wanted to have a house with a loft.
Canyon Woods, Batangas
Canyon Woods has a number of cottages for rent, and there are lots of family-based recreation that can be had here on weekends like fishing, boating, bowling, tennis, badminton. Photo below is the indoor swimming pool. I've always wanted something like that for our house. Hey, daydreaming has no charge, right?
Ayala Greenfields, Calamba, Laguna
The architecture is Japanese-inspired. And yes, I always wanted something like that for our house.
Summit Point, Batangas
This is the main lobby. Too aristocratic for me, I suppose. Although Dessagirl can imagine herself standing at the balcony while her guests wait below and she announces that they can play golf while tea is being prepared after the front 9.
Welcome to my home!
Owwww! I bonked my head! All my delusions of grandeur.... gone!

Gotta work hard to reach our goals and dreams, right? Happy weekend everyone!


  1. Anonymous1:35 am

    Wow, ganda naman ng mga pix. Thanks for sharing.

    My brother loves golfing. He says its not that expensive. I tried it once, 9 holes lang coz it rained. It was OK.

  2. I wouldn't consider gold a cheap sport. The local country club hear has a membership of 60,000 peso's a year plus a greens fee of 1250 pesos for 18 holes plus another 1000 pesos for cart rental. I go out once a year as a guest and only have to pay the 1250 pesos and half of the 1000 peso cart rental and that is enough golf for me. Public courses don't have the membership fee but in my neck of the woods, they are few and very far between.

  3. gold = golf but gold does help pay for golf. :)

  4. sino magsasabi na mahirap ang pilipinas? eh mamahalin nga yang mga lugar na pinuntahan mo, mayayaman lang kayang mag golf dyan. hehe

  5. Canyon woods is THE one for me! Of course I would spend more time in the water than on the green but that's just me. :) I have gone to the driving range in John Hay before (when there WAS a driving range) although I didn't enjoy golfing all that much. Too much walking. hehe... But Mini-golf is another story. That I truly enjoy. :)

  6. Soon you will take over your company and then all this will be yours! ;-)

  7. Golf! It's the greatest most frustrating game in the world, and it's definitely not cheap, for MOST of us. The cheapest I ever played was in Mabalacat at Marina Hills. Paid about $20 for 18 holes and a caddy. But if you're going to play golf, then don't try to do it as a dabbler; don't even bother. The game is too hard to go out once or twice a month. And there's nothing I hate worse than playing behind a group of "dabblers" that don't know the rules and courtesies of the game. In other words, I HATE playing behind Koreans! Sheesh!

  8. kelan kaya ako magkakaroon ng ganyang kalaking bahay. di naman masamang mangarap diba? hahaha.

    at kelan din kaya ako makakaranas mag golf? interesting yung mga golf sites na napuntahan mo. sa Eagle Ridge sa Cavite magandang sundv na may golf course, ngalang tama sabi mo may mga membership something atang kailangan, pang rich talaga goft sa pinas.

  9. Anonymous8:46 pm

    Anong di expensive? Pang mayaman kaya yan no..can't afford kami ryan..hehehe.

  10. When you're head of your division Nick, you'll find yourself regualrly playing golf with your fellow company executives and big-time business associates. Darating ka rin dyan. Hintay ka lang. :)

  11. somehow may order lugar na yan... unlike the surrounding places. houses seems to have popped out from no where beside the roads of laguna.

  12. Hanggang cellphone game lang ako nakakalaro ng golf. Hahaha. SAlamat sa field trip, W! Ang galing. Nakakaaliw ang mga pics!

  13. Leah: I think you really need a car to play golf sa layo ng mga country clubs. So dun pa lang, wala na talaga ako hehehe.

    Hello Ed! Nice comeback! 60,000 pesos a year? Try a million pesos in some of the exclusive country clubs here. In a third world country. Nice eh?

    Mama Jenn: you're welcome!

    Iskoo: parang ganun na nga ano?

    Alternati: I also like mini-golf. Sa John Hay rin. But that's all the golf I've had so far.

    Sidney: that's what they call "suntok sa buwan" (literally, punch the moon)

    Phil: Guess what. In one of the country clubs we went to, Koreans had a bad reputation due to golf etiquette.

    Cruise: you're korek!

    Tanggers: oy kumusta na golfing and gulping mo!

    Ann: yup, richness ito.

    Abaniko: shall I dread the day? hehehe. Parang di ko trip ang golf kasi... Sudoku, pwede pa!

    Ellygears: talagang planned areas sila, with planned communities as well.

    Toni: Glad you enjoyed the field trip!

  14. Pre Watson, nakarating ka pala ng Malarayat, walking distance lang ang bahay namin dyan sa Lipa :)

  15. bahay namin talga yan! harharhhar!

  16. Talaga Tanggers! Ang sarap sa Batangas... parang nasa province ka. At may nature tripping pa na malapit lang!

    Dessa Girl: di ah! house namin yun!

  17. Anonymous5:34 am

    Nice photos. My lolo owns a lot at Ayala Greenfield and it's indeed a beautiful place. I love the infinity pool with a spectacular view. I would love to live there.

    I've been to Malarayat a couple of times with my husband. It's also a nice place. I love the view of the mountains.


  18. Anonymous11:15 pm

    Dito sa amin mura lang mag-golf kasi maraming public golf course kaya yung golf clubs na lang ang kelangan mo bilhin. Naengganyo lang akong i-try kasi kapag winter dito wala nang magawa masyado, di na makapaglaro ng ibang sport kasi malamig. Sa golf kasi pwede naka jacket at kahit doble-doble suot mo pwede hanggang komportableng pumalo.

    Cousin ko nga pala si Leah, yung first na nag-comment dito sa post mo.

    God Bless!

  19. Anonymous2:05 am

    i used to hate golf too. but tell you what, as people move up in age and financial stature, all roads lead to the golf course.

    take it up soon. don't worry about memberships. country clubs are just dying to get in more walk-in players to keep themselves above waters in terms of maintenance costs. (all except wack2 and manila golf and a few others) :-)


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