17 October 2006

Adobe and Pizza

I started the week with a whole-day seminar for Adobe InDesign CS2 with Pauline and Kenneth (our web designer). I also attended the session when CS2 was launched last year and it was a blast! Fun and educational at the same time! Their seminars are really more like workshops. They teach you tips and tricks that you can use in your own environment. Last year, they focused on PhotoShop and Illustrator. This year, they dabbled with InDesign (for desktop publishing). It was indeed a whole day well worth it.

Last year, I also saw friend and blogger Ginno but was not able to talk to him. I was expecting to see him at this session too. Lo and behold. He was indeed there! We caught up with old times during breaks. I also saw Azrael (a friend from my active anime days) and chatted about how life is treating him. Seems like everybody's gaining weight these days.
Was there a blogger's EB yesterday I wasn't aware of?

Anyways, I'm all excited to apply what I have learned on those sessions. Marianne and Tim Cole (the resource speakers) were hilarious! And so learned.

We are about to revamp the Company Guidebook and this seminar really came in at the right time. I'm all fired-up.

At lunchtime, we went to A Veneto Pizzeria Ristorante at Glorietta (this is with the Tower Records row). Pauline ordered pasta and pizza and some finger food. We were already halfway with the pizza and almost done with the pasta when I exclaimed, "blog material!"

Too late for the pasta. But I was able to take a shot of the wonderful seafood pasta. Shrimps, clam, octopus, with pesto served on thin crust. It was absolutely scrumptious. So flavorful it was that we had the family size but each got two slices each, on top of our pasta and potato balls and crab meat sticks. Yum yum.
Their seafood pizza is highly recommend! Family size costs 460 pesos. Chicken pesto at 360 pesos. Veneto family platter (with crab meat sticks, potato balls, and french fries) at 210 pesos, bottomless lemonade and iced tea at 60 pesos each.
I'm looking forward to the next Adobe Conference (and lunch with friends).


  1. Anonymous6:38 pm

    mukhang di nasarapan si kenneth! He looks mad...hehehehehehe....

    pero in fairness, naka 2 slices of pizza and he tasted all the food served there...

    Follen (fisherpau)

  2. hahhaha
    astig sa adobe seminar!

    kita kits uli..

    may roadshow ang 3DS punta din ba kayo sa oct 27

  3. Anonymous6:45 pm

    another pizza house I would want you to try... :P

    The Pizza Co. in Festival mall serves good pizza and pasta in a relatively cheap price. :)

    sige`sir nick, one of these days road trip tayo :)


  4. mukhang healthing-healthy ngayon si G, a.

    yup, a venetto's seafood pesto pizza is muy delicioso!

  5. i been waiting for this blog since this morning... ha ha ha yup the only way to learn that sticks on your head... the speakers (marriane and tim) were so funny im still laughing up to this moment... and with woodwing and indesign server its even more powerful...if only cherry were there bagay bagay sa kanya yung seminar na yun imagine what woodwing can do to her job... she can now dip her legs to the water without missing a deadline he he he...

    and i get to meet nick fellow blogger pau... hey thanks for the slice... he he he

  6. Hey follen! Oo nga!

    Azrael! Good to see you too and your plump face. hehehe. 3DS? Di ko pa sure... wala pa akong details about that event.

    Follen: sure! basta ba treat mo eh

    Meowok: Oo nga eh. Di rin sya ganun ka-healthy noon... from days of long ago... from uncharted planets of the universe...

    Balikbayan box! Saan ipapadala? Fedex or DHL? :-)

    G! Good to see you again bespren!

  7. Anonymous9:50 pm

    Miss ko pizza sa pinas, dito pizza na nga lang lasang ewan ko ba...hehehe.

  8. Ann: curry pizza? hehehe

  9. Seems like everybody's gaining weight these days.

    Are you really surprised?

    we had the family size but each got two slices each, on top of our pasta and potato balls and crab meat sticks. Yum yum.

    I guess, you guys know how to eat! ;-)

  10. Anonymous2:14 am

    Hi watson, off topic to pero here it is. 'Child's Play' they do child photography and child spa also, i saw this in Kabuhayang Swak na Swak and asked Bayan Productions dor thei number, so here it is. 724-0557, 632-7012 and 687-0655. Sensya na late ang reply ko, hehehe

  11. yan ang gusto matutunan CS, daming pwedeng gawin kapag natuto ka na.

  12. i like the chicken cutlet pasta.. (dats all i order in aveneto) and the cheeseburger pizza. i have yet to try their crabmeat sticks ba yun? yum!

    sir nick! dalhin niyoko ni harry sa amicci!

  13. Sidney: uh oh. Somebody noticed our food intake ... (scrambles under the table)

    Lino: Maraming salamat sa info!

    Iskoo: totoo yan! It's not work when I dabble with Photoshop and indesign. It's fun kasi!

    Dessa Girl: treat mo? :-)

  14. Anonymous3:21 am

    First time I've heard of seafood pizza. Mukhang masarap.

  15. Niceheart: actually me too! So I thought it would make an interesting blog topic. Masarap yung pizza, niceheart!

  16. Anonymous5:28 am

    Looks appetizing. We might just give it a try one of these days. Thanks.


  17. "Everybody is gaining weight these days..." Not a surprise to me Wat. I think 30% of your posts concern food, Chow Hound!

  18. everybody's gaining weight... very true... shit.. kain nang kain...

    we tried veneto and it was okok...parang amici din.. pero i find theirs flaky and dry and oily... siguro tastes ko pang Greenwich lang..hahaha


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