24 October 2006

Have your fish and eat it too

Here's a different dining experience. Go to the wet market, purchase your seafood of choice (with a bit of beef of pork too!), have it cooked, and dine on this sumptious feast fresh from the ...er... market!

The fish is indeed fresh, with their clear, bright eyes staring at you while the clams squirt water every once in a while in their tub.

Here's a photo of the wet market. Ummm... it's right behind these pretty ladies. Negotiate your way between the sellers who vie for your attention by calling out to you and announcing their fresh produce and what you can do with them (shrimps for tempura! Clams for soup!). Don't forget to haggle for discounts!

Next, go to the dining area where your purchase is weighed, asked what you want to be done with it, and you choose your cook for the day.

The cost of cooking is prominently displayed here. After this task is done, you finally sit down at the airconditioned dining area and wait for the hot and tasty food to arrive!
Expect your food to start arriving in about twenty minutes time. The clam soup arrived is usually the first to arrive. Yum yum! Sarap!

Soon enough, talk was replaced with silence as each savors the feast laid out before them. Galit-galit muna!

Ever had seaweed salad before? Though Baguio is located atop the mountains, we have seaweed in the market regularly and we love it with chopped tomates and sprinkled lightly with salt.

Remnants of clam shells and tuna bones pile up on the extra plate. Hey, that's not only from my plate!

This is truly a seafood feast that you'll love. Don't forget to order steamed fish! Absolutely divine.

Dampa has many branches. This one's in Libis, Quezon City.

Going ... going ... gone!


  1. aaa... i was wondering when you'll blog about a 'paluto sa dampa' experience. alam ko kasi, basta food, sooner or later, nick will try it. hehe...

  2. I never have a comment when you wax your chow hound side, sorry man...

  3. ararosep manong. love it and miss it here.

    kasama ng broiled Pangasinan bangus saka rice cooked in a pot over charcoal.


  4. Anonymous1:15 pm

    Lagi akong nagugutom pag napapasyal ako rito. May isang restoran sa Sn.Fdo, Pampanga, yung Ituro mo at Iluluto ko, ang tagal na nun pero nakikita ko pa rin sya .

  5. Anonymous1:43 pm

    basta seafoods patok!

  6. dumami na ang dampa, no sir nick? yung sa paranaque ba yung original? there's one in macapagal as well.

    i love eating! yeeeeeaaaaah!!!!

  7. Anonymous4:43 pm

    Yum, yum, wow meron palang ganyan dyan. San mo ba nahahanapan ang mga yan? You seem to have a knack on finding real good eats!

  8. Anonymous9:17 pm

    sarap kumain ng naka kamay sa dampaan! kaso di mo mapapansin na busog ka kapag di ka humintong kumain heheheh

  9. Anonymous10:40 pm

    grabe, mr. watson... i just can't help drooling over these... thanks!


  10. first time i heard dampa sa libis... we usually go to paranaque.

    sarap tlaga ng seafood, dito rin may ganyang resto and most of the customers are asian.

  11. Ang srap kumain sa Dampa sa Libis!!!

  12. Anonymous1:21 pm

    live and moving ba?.... parang yung hito/tilapia

  13. Anonymous2:09 pm

    I miss going to Dampa. It's been years since my last Dampa adventure. I miss the chili crabs. Now, I'm hungry. :D


  14. Anonymous1:29 am

    First time I've heard of this. I guess the twenty minutes is worth the wait. Fresh fish and newly cooked food. We only get frozen fish and seafoods here. There's a store that sells fresh crabs once in a while but I seldom go there. And I've learned my lesson from buying fresh tahong. Nasira ang tiyan ng anak ko. :( I didn't know how long the mussels have been sitting on ice.

  15. can't wait to tast ararusep again!!!

  16. Anonymous4:15 pm

    a thread for you at the berks,mr.none>>>Happy Birthday!

  17. meowok: sarap sa dampa!

    Phil: a chow hound I guess I am. LOL

    Ca T: Nag-imas met!

    Ann: Talaga meron rin dun sa San Fdo? Dun working si misis dati, sa St. Louis College! Sayang sa Baguio na sya working.

    Cruise: i lab it! Especially fresh oysters!

    Dessagirl: Deal tayo: isama ka namin sa Amici, isama mo kami sa Dampa Macapagal!

    Mama Jenn: try it. You'll love it!

    Leah: Actually, nakikisabay lang ako sa mga prends na mahilig kumain. Yung iba dito, libre nga eh. Hehehe

    Iskoo: Dat is tru. Maya-maya lang, naka apat na serving ng kanin ka na pala.

    Anonymous: thanks rin!

    Mmy Lei: Wow talaga? So Asians really love seafood ano?

    Toni: Sabi na, nakapunta ka na rin doon eh. Basta good food!

    Ellygears: hindi na yung fish. Pero yung clams buhay na buhay. Hmmm... di ko napansin kung may catfish though.

    Rach: Sarap ng seafood ano?

    Niceheart: talaga? That's too bad. Yun nga lang ang problem sa mussels. You really have to be sure it's fresh.

    JMom: Anya ngay!

    Sachiko: Arigato Gozaimasu!


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