06 October 2006

Very superstitious...

An officemate just returned from a 4-day leave as she attended the wake of her uncle. And just last week, we watched a local movie called "Pamahiin" (superstitions), a suspense movie about what can happen when superstitions and beliefs are not followed, especially in funerals.

The last time I attended a funeral was as a guest of Sarah. That was months ago. And the last time I attended a funeral for a relative is even years ago.

I thought about our Pamahiin in funerals and as an early All Soul's Day post, decided to make a list here. Please feel free to add or correct me. Thanks!

For Halloween
1. When a butterfly enters your house, it means a relative who's passed away is visiting you and your family so don't shoo it off (applicable not only on All Soul's Day).
2. In the evening when the cemeteries get filled with relatives honoring their dead (and having a family get-together in the process), those left at home should light candles around the house and in the rooms. This will enable the spirits who wander off at this time of the year to see where they're going and not linger at your house.

At Funerals
3. When the wake is being held at home, the relatives staying in the house should not take a bath for the duration of the wake. (Do you know why this is so?)
4. All mirrors should be covered with cloth in the home of the dead person because if you see the dead person reflected in the mirror, you will be next.
5. When coming from the house or place where the wake is being held, do not go home directly or the spirits will follow you.
6. Do not let tears fall on the casket or death will visit once more and take a family member.
7. Do not let the names pinned on the casket be buried with the dead.
8. Before the dead gets buried, all the younger generation (grandchildren, nephews, nieces) present should pass over the casket (usually carried from one person to another on opposite sides of the casket).

Hmmm... that's all I can think of for now. I think the most difficult part is item 3, though this is easier done in Baguio because of the cool climate. Harhar.

And as you sing the song "very superstitious", I wish everyone a Happy weekend!
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