09 October 2004

Another earthquake?!

A few moments ago, we were watching Bubble Gang when our visitor Harry alerted us to something out of the ordinary: earthquake! I shut-off the appliances and we went out. The coconut trees were swaying, and you can feel the ground sway.

Later on we learned in the news that the epicenter was in Tagaytay with an intensity 5. Metro Manila felt an intensity 4 quake.

I hope this is not a warning of worse things to come ...


  1. I remember the 1990 earthquake, was still studying in nueva ecija which was one of the hardly damaged. That was one hell of experience because there was a lot of aftershocks after the big show. Whew, hope this will not lead to another 1990 killer quake.

  2. and guess where I was. Sa Baguio! I was in college then. Buti nalang Daylight Savings Time then or else lots of school buildings would have collapsed. Any semblance of normalcy was seen in November already. Tagal no? We were cut-off from the rest of the country because the mountain roads were badly damaged and many had to take a long hike to return to their provinces.


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