04 October 2004

Hearing mass in - - - by Fr. - - -

Here is a classic example of my forgetting names. My wife and I have been going to this particular Church in Makati for the 8PM Sunday mass most of the time, but I can't remember the name of the Church and the name of the priest! But I can remember vividly how the Torones back in senior high school tasted like! Yikes, meron kaya akong Alzheimer's? Kasi parang yung childhood memories lang naaalala ko! Waaaah!

Anyways, this particular priest always has something interesting up his sleeve to make the homily interesting. Last night he asked two kids to the front and did some small talk, as well as what they'd pray for. And he gave them treats afterwards. Then he talked about the homily in connection with his example. At another time he posted by the altar table a huge '1 + 1 = 3 ' sign to talk about the Holy Trinity.

This priest makes the homily interesting and we, in turn, don't mind at all going to the 8PM mass to hear mass. The 6:30 PM mass is in Filipino, which I find myself translating in English in my head so I can follow. This is so because back in grade school til college (at Saint Louis University), we heard mass in English.

In the Baguio Cathedral, there's also an Ilocano Service (Ilocano is the local dialect). I do not speak Ilocano (sheepish grin) even if I was born there and lived practically my entire life. And that. my friends, is another of my idiosynchronies.


  1. well we are having guessing games over here...no success i'm afraid. but i do go to church! promise! honest! ei! thanks for the endoresement on my blog!

  2. Hello Amie! Masaya kasi blog mo so visit regularly. Thanks for dropping by too.

    Sabi ng wife ko, San Idelfonso Church daw ang name. But the priest's name is yet unidentified.

  3. Shame on you for not knowing how to speak Ilocano! Hehehe.

  4. Bassit la-eng ti am-muk! (I only know a few words!) ehehe. My parents are both from out of town and miracle of all miracles, my friends are always Tagalog-speaking. The natives in Baguio speak quite a different dialect too, not Ilocano, though if you know this dialect, you'll do pretty well there.

    Manong, bayad! -- the only time I frequently use Ilocano to address the jeepney driver. :-)


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