09 October 2004

Proudly Philippine Made

Last week there was a feature on local smiths in Pangasinan that does our country proud. Because the next time you see a movie with an epic battle involving swordfights and elaborate armoury, it may well be Proudly Philippine Made.

The weapons and armour used in Lord of the Rings, the sword of Tom Cruise in The Last Samurai, Uma Thurman's sword in Kill Bill, the Excalibur in the King Arthur movie ... these were honed in the expert craftsmanship of Filipinos.

Speaking of Made in the Philippines, have you watched Cat in the Hat? There's this box that they bring in the house that's labeled as such. Another amusing movie fact: in 50 First Dates, there's this character who's name is Ula. Incidentally, he's half-Filipino and there was this old radio program called Ula: Ang Batang Gubat. The movie's character is just like a jungle man. Rob Schneider was one funny character in that movie.


  1. Watson online? Parang botica ni Henry Sy yan ah, online pa! Hehehe.
    Gleng naman ng ginawa mo sa links, may last updated pa. Paano mo nagawa yan? Pakopya naman!

  2. Hi Fionski! Actually kasama sya dun sa template eh, di ko alam kung paano umaandar hehehe.


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