05 October 2004

Wonder Woman ... all the world is waiting for you

We just finished watching Disc2 of Wonder Woman. Laugh trip! No offense to Wonder Woman fans (we love the series too!), but the plots were really amusing. The setting is the cold war era, and the U.S. gets threats from Nazi Germany. What's funny is that in the two episodes whose stories are independent of each other, the Major always got caught by the enemy in circumstances that are so easy to avoid. And since Wonder Woman has lots of love for the major, she rescues him. Wonder Woman, unfortunately, also gets caught in both episodes. It's like the story writers were following only 1 formula for the plot!

The wacky part in episode 2 is, Wonder Woman is captured and brought to Germany. The Major goes to Germany courtesy of their underground movement to rescue her. But Wonder Woman escapes and flies back to the U.S. while the Major is caught by the thugs. So now she learns that the Major was a captive in Germany and she thus flies back to rescue him. Aarrgh.

Question: How did the Major become a war hero when he gets so easily captured? It really boggles the mind.

I guess it's a sign of the times. Audiences before were easy to please. The plots were simplistic. Today, computers and radical minds have changed the way even TV shows are made. One thing hasn't changed though. After over 20 years, Ms. Lynda Carter still captures the image of Wonder Woman as we know her.

And yep, I'll still buy the other episodes.

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