18 October 2004

Sing that again?!

At a noontime TV game show awhile ago:
Host: "Sing 2 or more lines from the song "Last Christmas" by the 80's group Wham!"

Bzzzzzzzz! (contestant pounding on the buzzer)

Contestant: "I'm dreaming of a LAST CHRISTMAAAASSS ..."


  1. ang pasko ay sumapit pit! pit ! pit!

  2. Ha ha ha. Baka new version of George Michael for White Christmas changed into Last Christmas. Maybe we just haven't heard it yet?

  3. hehehehehe, baka overwhelmed ng christmas spirit ang contestant hehehe

    nangangamusta lang po!

  4. ehehehe ... dapat pala sa blah-blah-ger ko ito inilagay.

    Anyways, tawa kami ng tawa ni misis nung kumanta yung contestant. Siguro nga lilipad talaga isip mo pag andaming taong kaharap mo.


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