14 October 2004

It's Christmas time in the city ...

It's the middle of October and Christmas is in full swing! Where else in the world is the Christmas season celebrated when the 'ber' months start? Only in the Philippines. Christmas carols are played as early as September, and decorations mingle with Halloween costumes come October.

We will bring out our Christmas tree this coming weekend. That tree has an amusing story. A couple of years ago, I shopped for a tree at Landmark. I saw this perfect tree for the living room at a little over 5 feet. But when I went back with a friend that weekend, the tree of that size was sold-out! We then settled for the next height, at around 7 feet. I guesstimated the living room can accomodate such a tree.

So imagine our perplexed looks when the tip of the tree touched the ceiling. It was a couple of inches higher than the ceiling. IT gave us no other place to put the tree under the staircase, and it has stayed there for the past couple of Christmases.

I don't mind having that humongous tree now. The nice part is, every year, I get to buy new trinkets to hang and it seems the tree can't get enough of it. With all the balls and thingamajigs that I have bought the past couple of years, it look like there's still room for more.

The photo above was taken last year in Baguio City. It is a nice time to be in Baguio, with its cool, crisp Christmas air and lights all over the place. I feel lucky to have spent a lot of Christmases in such a homey city.


  1. x-mas in baguio, hmmmmmmmm! sounds nice! di pa ko nakaranas ng x-mas in baguio pero early january, oo.
    3 days at nangatog ako sa lamig, brrrrrrrr!

  2. Noong 1999, bago ako ikasal, my friends and I stayed at the Teacher's Camp for a couple of nights. Uso pa noon ang gin pomelo. Sarapppp!!!

  3. Hmm, i can almost feel the Christmas air with your post wtason...maybe I should also take out my Xmas tree soon. Christmas in Baguio sounds exciting..i haven't been there in a long time but maybe i should..this year,hehe;)


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