18 October 2004

Sweet and Spicy

Speaking of sweet things, I am fond of these spicy seafood thingies that can pass off as candy, appetizer, or it can also be eaten with rice. I bought three containers at 100 pesos last weekend. Shown in the photo is the spicy red herring (or tuyo in Filipino). I like the spicy squid better because of the taste of the squid mingling with the red thing that makes the treat spicy. This is acutally sold in sari-sari stores, with the itty-bitty squid meat skewered into a toothpick and everything is coated with that red stuff.

But there was no squid available, so I settled for this and a couple of anchovies. The taste? It's sweet and just mildly hot. Crunchy too! Great with vinegar (with some crushed garlic thrown in). My wife and a friend helped in consuming the anchovies while watching Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban DVD last weekend. Yum yum!

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