11 October 2004

Is this my table?!

A funny thing (or not so funny if you think about it) happened Friday last week. My boss dropped by my cubicle to talk about a website he would like me to check. And then he went to the cubicle adjacent to me and began talking about the General Cleaning that will transpire the following day. Hmmm... I scanned my area and saw a battlefield. Was he perhaps within earshot of my place so I can take a hint? hehehe. He mentioned that all papers will be thrown out when general cleaning starts at noon.

So last Saturday, I braced myself and sorted out the voluminous papers that can be found in every corner of my desk. When I arrived this morning, I can't believe my eyes. Is this desk mine? Yup, it must be so, for I saw my humongous photo sitting near the monitor. The maintenance guys polished my desk and cabinets; it's so sparkling clean!

Compare this with my table before the clean up (click here and here).

Now, if only I can find the paperwork for the tasks I was doing the past couple of weeks ...

1 comment:

  1. The most cluttered space I had was in the late 90s when I was part of Systems Engineering. Our Server's CPU was under my desk, the monitor on my table, plus a laptop, then a huge colored laser printer, and I was sharing the cubicle with another person who had his own computer too! And I haven't gone to the books and the papers yet.


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