15 October 2004

A sugary snippet

It's 2:51 PM and I haven't had my lunch yet. It's because I now eat rice meals for breakfast most of the time, and the serving is what my wife usually gives me for lunch too. So come lunchtime, I do not feel that hungry at all.

So about 25 minutes ago, I dropped by our pantry to make myself a nice cup of coffee and munch on the sugar-coated pretzels my wife packed up for my merienda (mid-afternoon snack). Ack! No sugar! No problemo. I dumped coffee, creamer, and whatever was left of the sugar into my cup of hot water and went back to my cubicle.

I was going to write invitations to potential guests for our Network Security Seminar, when an article on a wife-swapping Reality TV show caught my eye. Hmmmm.... that's interesting. I could use a break. So read, munch and slurp I did. The coffee was a bit bitter but it was ok.

I finally got down to the last of my sugar-coated pretzels and I felt a modest amount of sugar granules in the packet. So ends my breaktime. I tossed the packet into the trash and at the same time this flash of idea went off in my head. I needed that sugar for my coffee! Time seemed to go on slow-mo as I tried to catch the prized packet in mid-air, only to see itself fly past my outstretched hands into the yawning trash bin. 3 points.

Moral of the story ... I haven't got one yet ... but the coffee seemed to turn more bitter at the last gulp ...


  1. Tell your wife to buy that white chocolate covered pretzels by Jack and Jill, they're good!
    Bakit ganon? I tried the blogrolling thingy on my other blog but the last update label when you point to a blog link doesnt appear on my blog. Bakit sa iyo puwede? Haaayy!!

  2. Hi fionski! I'm not sure why it wouldn't work, but on my end, the priority levels are all equal. Maybe changing it for some links does something to it. Or maybe the link added is on 'private' mode (if you pay for the blogrolling service, that is). Just some pointers you might want to look into...

    Hello Ricknight! Filipinos generally have sweet tooth. We want everything sweet. Heck, even our spaghetti sauce is sweet! I have tried salted pretzels and I like them too. And I drink coffee, bitter or not :-).

    When I brought some salted pretzels to share with my officemates here, one remarked that it's great with chocolate dips! That's one sweet sweet-tooth for you.


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